First picture from the film The soul is a tree

I’m making a trailer for a short film called The soul is a tree. Don’t confuse it with the exhibition The soul is a tree which will start the 17th of September in Vasa, Finland. But since the theme is the same in the exhibition as in the film I choose to use the same title for both. The film will hopefully evolve into a longer project, but films cost money to make so lets see what happens with this one. Financing is every filmmakers nightmare! No money no film. Let’s hope for the best this time.

I will upload more pictures later. Click for larger view.Actress: Carla Fri.

The art photography book on it’s way

Tomorrow I will get my first copy of my art photography book. The book is still in progress. There will probably be lots of changes but it will be about 80 pages and I expect the print quality to be very good. It’s printed on lustre photo paper. The release will be in may. More pictures coming up!

Front cover. Model: Carla Fri

Back cover.