Sound design for the film SOUL TATTOO

Some pictures from the my studio that I share with artist Susanne Hedman. It’s basically a small office space for preproduction, writing and printing photograhs, so it isn’t that easy to record sound in there. To be able to make foley and sound effects for the film Soul Tattoo (2014), me and Alex Holm had to set up a sound studio.

04062014-IMG_4923 In the first room the reference monitor placed in the middle of the room. In the background the computer running Pro tools hardware and Cubase software.


In the smaller room one of the microphones under some textile (used as pop filter). Alex is working with some sound editing.


Tibetan singing bowl used for the sound in the film.

Trailer The soul is a tree

Trailer from the film The soul is a tree. Actress in the film is Carla Fri. Directed by Martin Karlsson.

For more info on the film and other films, visit my page on vimeo:

Trailer THE SOUL IS A TREE from Martin Karlsson on Vimeo.