The eye infection

I haven’t been blogging for a while now. For the last weeks I had a real bad eye infection. And you really need your eyes for this work. But it has been real nice too discover that there are a real world outside this bubble. People actually do other things then make art all time… and they are not all nerds who are manic about their passion in life. So I guess it was healthy after all to suffer from that eye infection. But now it’s much better and I can start to work again. But I have to minimize the time I’m in front of the computer, so there might be less blogging. And right now I’m suffering from allergy… The picture of today is an old photo. I photographed this in the moonlight a cold winter night. About 15 sec. long shutter time. I used a Canon 550D (T2i) and a Samyang 14mm/2,8.



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